FEA/ABE Registration Forms

2020 Virtual Conference Registration

$100 per person, domestic, either organization (free to members, paying fee includes a membership or renewal)

Please note that offshore registration includes higher postage and handling rates

Includes 2021 FEA Membership and journal subscription (both JFEd and AFEd) or ABE Membership and JABE

Registration Form (Word) is required for all registrations, even those through PayPal

Register Online with PayPal

FEA/ABE Membership (all current FEA and ABE members are eligible to attend the conference)

Type of Membership: Domestic is within US

Pls incl mailing & email addr

Please be sure to include attendee name & email address when you register with PayPal.  Please ALSO send your registration form to Tim Michael, michael@uhcl.edu

Also please note whether you are registering as FEA or ABE (it's on the submission form)

Conference Sponsor or Exhibitor?  Each one includes at least one registration.  Details are located on the Exhibitor Page .


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