Financial Education Association

2017 Call for Papers
Submission Forms & Instructions

18th Annual Meeting

DeSoto Hotel*
Savannah, Georgia

September 14-16, 2017

Room reservations are due by August 21st or they won't count for our conference total (see below).

DeSoto Hotel Home Page Link

  Meeting Registration

Negotiated Room Rates

Standard Room: $179.00
Suite:  $199.00

An additional 13% tax will be added to all guest rooms, and there are other state/local fees of $6 per night.

Please register by AUGUST 21st (new date) to be counted in our room minimum.  If we don't make our minimum,
the conference will need to be much more expensive in coming years.

*We were notified on 6/9/17 that the DeSoto Hilton will be the DeSoto Hotel for our meeting. 

On 8/5 our cutoff date was changed to 8/21, and we were given a link for members to use to make reservations

To make reservations the old fashioned way, please contact Tonya Harris, Group Rooms Coordinator,
at or call 912-443-2021

As before, please refer to the code "FEA" or "Financial Education Association".

ABE member?  Please refer to the code "ABE" when calling.